Why Shop Local?

Shopping locally can have a number of environmental benefits that can help mitigate the impacts of climate change. Here are a few ways in which shopping locally can contribute to a more sustainable and climate-friendly future:

Reducing transportation emissions

When you shop locally, the products you purchase are likely to have traveled a shorter distance to reach you. This means that they will have generated fewer transportation-related emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) from burning fossil fuels. Transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so reducing the distance that goods need to travel can make a significant difference.

Supporting small businesses

Local businesses often prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship, as they are often more closely connected to their community and the local environment. By supporting these businesses, you can help to create a market demand for sustainable products and practices, encouraging other businesses to adopt similar approaches.

Reducing waste

Local businesses are often more efficient at reducing waste and using resources sustainably, as they have a smaller supply chain and can make more informed decisions about the products they sell. By shopping locally, you can help to reduce the overall amount of waste that is generated, as well as supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability.

Strengthening the local economy

When you shop locally, you are supporting the local economy and helping to create jobs in your community. This can have a number of positive impacts, including reducing the need for people to travel long distances to work and the associated emissions that come with it.

Promoting biodiversity

Local businesses are often more connected to the local environment and may be more likely to source products from local suppliers, which can help to promote biodiversity and support local ecosystems.

The sad truth is that we’ve made a mess of our world. We cannot pass the buck to our children to clean it up. Forget the dreams of some billionaires. There is no planet B. It is only by investing in Planet Earth that we can safeguard our future. It’s time for the world to adopt an ambitious biodiversity framework — a true peace pact with nature — to deliver a green, healthy future for all.
António Guterres

UN Secretary-General, COP15 Biodiversity Conference

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