Social Echo proudly announced the successful completion of the first workshop focused on Circular Economy, held on behalf of PECT. The workshop was created to provide a comprehensive overview of the Circular Economy and its key principles, as well as how it can be implemented in a business setting. During the workshop, attendees discussed the importance of rethinking waste, and how the Circular Economy can help create a sustainable future. Attendees were treated to an in-depth exploration of the Circular Economy, with an emphasis on how it can be used to maximize the value of resources and minimize waste. The workshop also provided attendees with an understanding of the key components of a Circular Economy, as well as how to apply it to their own business. The workshop ended with a lively Q&A session, where attendees asked questions about the Circular Economy and how to implement it in their own business. This session provided attendees with valuable insight into the Circular Economy and how to put it into practice. Social Echo was honoured to have been selected to provide the first Circular Economy workshop and are looking forward to more opportunities to help businesses become more sustainable. We’re excited to continue to work with PECT to promote the Circular Economy.